Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another swap down. Two or three more to go then I'll be making quilts for awhile. I have some pictures of a great mini that was sent to me for the Halloween mini swap. It is made by Becky Hurley from Arkansas. My work PALES in comparison! So to make up I promised her I would make another one. I will be sending out the lil' monster that I made today. (10.01.2012) the official deadline to send out our creations. So without further ado here is the most awesome mini from Becky....

This is the book/box that Becky packaged the mini in. If I come across one of these in the stores, I'll definitely be buying a couple.

 The next few shots show different pages and the photos do not do this book justice. Like the cameos on page one: they are the hologram photos, tilt one way and see a normal couple, tilt the other and see skeletons. Creepy!

Lots of flips for photos and journalling. Tags that can be tucked away here and there.

 She made some dangles that hang off the end of the middle page made with bats and little jewels.

I like the dress form witch. That is cute. And the dangle that Becky made for the spine of the book. 
A poison bottle and bats and a spider web charm.

So that is the Halloween mini swap. I'll post my mini(s) that I made when Becky receives them. I do not want spoilers. That is all for now. Posting this rather late at night. Up early to ready my son for school; maybe. We'll see in the morning. Finishing an embellishment swap tomorrow and sending everything out. Kinda liking these two in one swaps, everything done in one! LOL 'Til next time.

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