Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hi peeps.

Thought I would share some things going on around here. First off, we now have 12 eggs from my girls. Just tiny little things, but I am assured the hens will lay larger eggs as they mature. My hubby built them quite the nesting boxes. I jokingly said this what you get when you have an ironworker build something out of wood. LOL.

Not bad, though. We bought these in the scrap bin at our local lumber/home/construction store. He made two and when they were installed the girls loved it. I found the first egg on top of the chippie mansion and another in the crevice between the 'mansion' and the house. 

Not a very good picture, but it shows the boxes installed and already the girls are inspecting our handiwork.

I am signed up for a local program here through our the Community Health Program at Kanonhkwatsheriio (our clinic here in Akwesasne). I just wanted to share what you would get in their Green Food Box program. The cost of the program is $10 and you get the seasonal fruits and vegetables. And sometimes if you are lucky you can get some extras, which I always share. This month I got lots and lots of carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, bananas, and oranges, and much more.

The hubby and I went for a ride on Sunday. Stopped at a roadside market and bought some peaches. First thing that I thought of was" PEACH JAM". Made two batches, one stove top method and one freezer method. I adjust the sugar amounts; way too much sugar in the recipes. It has not impacted my jams so far, not that the product last long in this house... LOL.

Nothing too crafty going this week. Just repairing a quilt for the Akwesasne Freedom School's Annual Dinner and Quilt Auction going on this weekend, August 25 & 26. I volunteered for the quilt auction, donated one of my quilts and will be there most of both days. So looking forward to seeing how the quilts fare this year. Have not been involved since I worked there. Going to be quite different to be on the other end of it.

Hope you all are enjoying your day and making the weekend a good one, be safe and share a smile!

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